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We believe in the power of prayer to change us and for us to partner with what God is doing.


This page is only accessible by the link that is sent to the WM prayer list and the Kingsview prayer team. If you do not want your information on this list, please email jordan@kingsviewchurch.com


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Pastor Jordan

Communications & Discipleship

Mary: pray that I can stay focused and learn what God is teaching me through Dangerous Prayers and other Bible studies.

Maggie: pray for harmony in my marriage, conflict free living, peace in our hearts & joy.

Anonymous: please pray for a colleague who is fighting mental wellness and attacks by the enemy. Pray for peace, calm, and grace, that he may embrace Jesus in his life and help him navigate the storm.

Olivia: pray for burden by burn-out and constant hurry, flurry of thoughts from responsibilities. To be still and give it all to God. I’ve been reading to let go of spending time for myself and instead give up my whole being to God on a regular basis. 

Patience during house hunting.

Trish: please pray for my husband, Karl. He has strayed away from God, he is in the world. God loves him so much, the prodigal son. Please agree in prayer that our God will draw him back. 

Chelsea: pray for healing from recent birth of daughter, that I would no longer have an infections and be healed. My anxieties as a new mom.

Prayer for my father and his addictions and to have him close to his family again. 

Michele: Please pray for opportunities with Derek’s family to reignite the flame of excitement they had for the things of the Lord. Our children to become warriors fro Christ. My friend, Kelly, who is going through breast cancer—strength for her and a willingness to open her heart to conversations about the Lord. 

Anonymous: God’s guidance in finding a career and what to study. My husband and I have also been trying to start a family and are now in the fertility process. Please pray for strength through the process and emotional roller coaster, protection for our hearts, peace and understanding on whatever God’s will is for us. Also pray for transformation for our hearts if His will is different than our desire. 

Elaine: Please pray for Carol Neels, my childhood friend. Her bones are rapidly deteriorating. She is undergoing medical testing because it is a mystery illness. Her pain levels are much better with meds but she has lost 3 inches in 4 months, her spine and ribs are crumbling and doctor said her vertebrae are transparent. They are baffled. She is a believer but is still struggling to stay positive. At this point there is nothing that can be done, because there is simply not enough left of her back for them to work with.

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