The staff and board continue to sense that the Holy Spirit is calling us, as a church family, deeper into the heart of God. This is not something we take lightly, and we recognize that there is an element of discipline and sacrifice we joyfully practice so we can continue to be led by the Holy Spirit. 

Our 2024 Prayer and Fasting Guide is meant as a helpful tool to bring our church family into unity as we create a weekly rhythm of corporate prayer and fasting, and to also engage in other special times of prayer and fasting together. 

Everything we do as a church family is an invitation. Please join us as you are able, and by the leading of the Holy Spirit.   

Monday, January 1 to Saturday, January 6, 2024

The church will be open every evening during this week from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm for a time of quiet, reflective prayer. Prayer will be held in the sanctuary. You are welcome to come and go anytime during this time.


  • Come and sit quietly for personal and reflective prayer
  • Bring your family and pray with each other
  • Have a pastor pray over you (& your family)
Sunday, January 7, 2024
We will have a special time of liturgical prayer from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm where we will pray through the Lord’s Prayer line-by-line, with moments of quiet and moments of worship. We invite you to come to this special evening.

Join us as we fast from January 1st to 7th. We will be following a typical fasting model and will fast all food during breakfast and lunch (water only), and eat dinner each evening. During the times you would normally be eating breakfast and lunch, we invite you to spend the time in prayer and reading Scripture. 

We need to teach our children that spiritual disciplines are ways to be with Jesus and make room for the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts. Consider having your kids fast sugar/sweets this week to introduce them to fasting. Include a daily time of prayer as a family.

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