Matt's Testimony

This was my eighth time going to Cuba, and my fourth time for a missions trip. When I started to go to Cuba in my early 20’s, God had just transformed my heart and had begun to align my desires to share the Gospel wherever I went. I’ve always been amazed at the level of faith the highly persecuted Cuban church has had in all the years I’ve been with them. They truly do have faith as small as a mustard seed. As God has been shaping my life & spiritual life over the past years, God reminded me of my own testimony when it was time to go to Cuba this year with Kingsview. To keep it short, my testimony was basically about going to church for 20 years of my life, and never truly knowing Christ. I knew a lot of Christian things, and you probably couldn’t have ever guessed I was in such spiritual dismay, but that was just it – I knew about Christ, but I never knew Him personally. When I went to Cuba this year, I felt as God was pushing me to bring to attention the distinct difference of knowing about God & knowing Him.

On the first nightly service we did I had the opportunity to share my testimony. A part of me wanted to stand there and tell them about how good God is, and that if they followed Him, that He would shape their lives according to His will – which is all true. But when I stood up to speak, I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to just be raw and real about my own journey throughout my faith in Christianity…or my so-called “faith” that I thought I had.

I was blessed to be able to share my testimony, and directly challenge the teens/young adults in the church to seriously evaluate their faith, and what it truly means. As I said, I have been to Cuba many times, and I’ve seen these kids grow up year after year in their churches, and I knew that some of them out there would be just like me: We go to church, our parents bring us to church, we do the Christian checklist and then we are good. This thought process perhaps isn’t necessarily their fault, but  I can tell you it comes from a complacent view of what being a Christian truly means. Since I was just as clueless to it before God opened my eyes, I felt so blessed to be used an ambassador for Christ to share the same message God had taught me 5 years earlier in my life.

During the altar call at the service I was overwhelmed with plenty of young men in tears, asking how they could be closer to God, and that they had just realized that they did not truly know God the way they thought they should. I was able to pray for them personally, and give these men biblical encouragement on how to draw closer to God for the long term. The reason this had stuck out to me during the trip was, five years ago I heard the same kind of testimony from another fellow believer who had his own eyes opened to what a true follower of Christ was mean to be like. I was and am still unworthily thankful to have been shown the narrow path, and I feel unworthily amazed that God would use me to speak into the lives of these young men the same way it was done to me. I praise God for His perfect plans and unrelenting pursuit of our hearts.

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