Leanne’s Testimony

In cuba_missions by internet@kingsviewchurch.com

There’s so much to say it’s hard to know where to start! Having been to Cuba on the team last year I still had no expectations for this year, being a completely different style of trip!

We were a mix of men, women and youth on the team but the unity that ran throughout was incredible! From our activities and how we could just help each other, encourage each other to how we just prayed together with the same spirit was super unique.

During our VBS program our team was split up in three different groups/station with each group doing a different activity with kids - games, science experiment, crafts. After running VBS for several day we all started talking and wishing we could see each other’s presentations. To our surprise God made it happen. In one of the churches, we were not allowed to do our activities outside and ended up having to do the program in front of all the kids a once so our entire team could participate in all the activities and see each other present.  It’s so neat to see God at work and how He knows each of our hearts and how He loves to honour those desires!

My 12-year-old daughter came with us on the team this year and it was beyond incredible to watch God at work in her life. To go from being a super shy pre-teen a year ago to leading games, giving her testimony, face painting the kids and so much more was an amazing experience as a mother.

It was also special for me to reconnect with friends met last year in Cuba and to see how God connected new relationships through my daughter. God can use even the children and youth if they are only willing and obedient when He asks.