Global Workers

Joe Amaral

Hope for Liberia

At the end of 2018, I noticed a newer follower on social media who was “liking” and commenting on a lot of my posts. His name was Sam Abel Gbinsay. I soon learned he was a pastor from Liberia in the town of Paynesville. Pastor Sam reached out to me asking me to come and share the message of the Hebraic Roots with their church.

The thing that got me was he said to me, “Pastor Joe, we are not stupid… it’s just that no one will come to Liberia because there is no money here.” This just broke my heart and I said to my wife, Karen, “I’m going…I have to go!” God began to break both our hearts for the people of Liberia. Literally, we could hardly talk about it without crying. I’ve travelled all over the world to speak, yet nothing has impacted us so deeply and stirred us so profoundly.

One thing led to another. Our friends and family and partners rallied around us and with no charity in place, they gave so that the message of the Gospel could reach a very much unreached part of the world. People were so generous and my son and I were able to take 7 suitcases with us filled with humanitarian aid in April/May of 2019.

Before we got there, we were also able to send money for 150 school uniforms, shoes, and backpacks filled with school supplies for the children which they were so excited to show us when we arrived.

On that trip, we were able to go into remote villages and bring clothing with us for all the children. We had brought medicines, hygiene supplies and bandages to distribute. We were able to purchase two generators for two churches which helped them get their electricity back up and running.

Thanks to some very amazing people who have given so generously, we’ve been able to build new water wells in four different areas. We’ve held community outreaches with enough food for everyone and so much, in fact, that people are able to take containers home filled with food.

We’ve been able to go into the remote villages where, I’m told, no one has ever given them anything. We continue to bring clothing and food to distribute to those in need. We have built a community centre and are in the process of building a school for 400+ children. Our current needs are for tuition and uniforms for the children to attend. Please visit our website to see all the latest news—visit


David & Krysten Burke

Mission Canada - Toronto

David works with students in Toronto’s downtown core at Ryerson University. The campus is made up of 44,000 people from over 147 nations. This means that 75% of the world’s countries are represented in one post-secondary institution. In this environment, David gets to pastor a campus church called LifeLine.

LifeLine is a community of students on a journey to find, follow and serve Jesus Christ. They have weekly gatherings with worship, preaching, prayer and fellowship as well as weekly bible studies, and leadership mentoring and discipleship. They also do outreach in partnership with an organization called LifeLine. Their aim is to help welcome prodigal sons and daughters home, making disciples who make disciples.

Cecelia & Felix (Paluch) Chiriseri

South Africa

Felix and Cecelia’s vision is to see lives and communities transformed through Gospel empowerment and to be catalysts for change through Community Health Evangelism (CHE). They integrate evangelism and discipleship with community health and development – finding real, long-term solutions that address the complexities of poverty and disease. Their strategy includes encouraging, engaging, equipping and empowering pastors and church leaders in communities by providing discipleship and basic life skills training, HIV/AIDS training, youth empowerment, income generating projects for widows and communities and children’s ministry. Through this work Jesus is magnified and the development activities bring glory to God by reflecting the purpose of His Kingdom plan. They also oversee the ChildCARE Plus (CCP) sponsorship ministry, reaching out to children in Pretoria’s townships.

Felix and Cecelia have ministered in different countries in Africa with children, youth and adults. They have been involved with feeding programs and child sponsorship through CCP; organizing youth camps and providing basic life skills training, children’s ministry training; leadership and team building workshops for youth as well as HIV/AIDS training and facilitating workshops with pastors to assist with creating compassion ministries to reach out to those in need. They also served as youth and children’s pastors. Their desire is to see communities realize and recognize their God-given potential.

Trevor & Becky Gingerich

Mission Canada - Toronto

As a Mission Canada worker appointed to Humber College/University of Guelph Humber, my aim is to help students discover hope, purpose and life to its fullest (John 10:10) through the gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry I oversee exists to make mature, devoted disciples of Jesus and to equip them to help bring the transformation of God’s kingdom to their school, residences, and future workplaces. 

The ministry seeks to equip existing followers of Jesus to be effective witnesses for the truth of the Christian faith, while extending an invitation to non-believing students to explore faith, ask questions and experience firsthand the love and grace of a Christ-centered community. At The Embassy, we believe that the Christian faith can hold its own in the marketplace of ideas and has incredible explanatory power for the “big” questions of life (“Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?”). We also believe that it’s only through a relationship with Jesus Christ that the deepest desires of the human heart can truly find satisfaction.

The Jeyaseelans


At the start of the Covid in March 2020, Indian Government asked us to join with them in fight against Covid. We opted  for feeding the poorest of the poor through Cooked Meals and Dry Ration and medical aids.

  1. In the last 24 Months, we have been able to distribute around 5,24,337+ Meals to the poorest of the poor.
  2. A total of 9850+ People have been fed through the Christmas Feeding Program. 
  3. Around 450+ Blankets have been distributed to the underprivileged poor people during this winter as the mercury dipped to 1degree Celsius.And some more also would be given away to the needy soon. Some of the slums were demolished by the Officials and the people literally had to sleep in the demolished area without any roof over their heads.We thank God that we could help at least some of them.
  4. We are also planning to provide slippers to around 1000 slum children in the next couple of days, as these children move around  without anything on their feet in this cold season, because they couldn’t afford it. 
  5. We have changed the Orphanage in to Orphan Care Projects and currently there are 20 full Orphan Children that are being supported.
  6. We have also established a Computer Training Center to coach young people both boys and girls,to do the Basic Computer Training and they would be awarded Certificates by the Federal Government.
  7. We have also started a Free Tuition Center for the Children from various background. And there are around 33+ poor children being taken care of in this Project.

Kathryn Mizen


Kathy is excited to be working as the Director of Schools of Hope in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She oversees ChildCARE Plus sponsorships and tutoring program, ERDO Nutrition Program and Water Filtration Project as well as other administrative duties. Schools of Hope ministers through evangelism to over 8,500 children within the public school system of Honduras, sharing the hope of Jesus Christ.

Kathy has had a passion for missions since she was a young girl and has been involved in several short-term mission trips. She has always known that she would be serving somewhere on the mission field with children, but not sure when or where. She served as a children’s pastor for 17 years in Southwestern Ontario before serving in Honduras. In November 2014, Kathy went to be the administrator and now serves as the director as of January 2016.

She loves to invest in the next generation and the leaders on her staff. God is on the move and she is excited to be a part of it!

T Family


The T Family’s passion is for lost souls in the villages & remote areas of India. GOD has called them to reach the unreached through evangelistic work in the villages of India with the life changing Gospel of JESUS CHRIST.

Their ministry also helps to strengthen the new believers in their spiritual journey. This resulted in pioneering church plants where none exist. The LORD has brought 1000’s of people who accepted JESUS as their LORD and Savior, and opened the way to plant over 115 churches! Recently they’ve opened the first mobile medical village clinic and feeding program in the villages.

Crossfire Assembly


Crossfire is an inner city church in Hamilton, Ontario.

Local Churches


Facilitated through Gary Empey who works to support and equip churches in Cuba to “Retain the Harvest” through pastoral education via Global University and leadership training through conferences facilitated by Pentecostal Assemblies Of Canada pastors. Gary also focuses on Bible purchase and distribution as well as installing water purification equipment in local churches for the community.

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