Derek’s Testimony

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The mission trip by far exceeded my expectations and has had a major effect on my life. I have never felt the presence of God and the of the Holy Spirit like I did during the trip. I just hope it never fades away.

On the evening when I had to share my testimony in one of the churches in Cuba, I was feeling very stressed and nervous and I remember I was praying to God to give me peace. And out of nowhere a song came to my mind and I just kept singing it over and over again. The song was “I Exalt Thee” and I was in tears and so at peace worshipping my father in heaven. That was such an awesome feeling I have never felt before. I can truly say God was present there with me giving me comfort and strength to accomplish His will for I was obedient and trusting in Him. I can truly say that during this missions trip I got more than I gave in terms of blessing as the Cuban churches are filled with the Holy Spirit. They worship with all their hearts and souls and are the warmest people I have ever come across. They have next to nothing yet they are happy and content with life. This world we know would be a better place if we all did the same.

We also had a great team that got along well and worked hard to accomplish God’s work. I hope that Cuban people could see God’s love and kindness through us. I hope that seeds that have been sown into the young kids in Cuba will bring good fruit. I will truly miss our daily interaction and fun we had as a team and hope we can build on the friendships we have made.