Our Connect groups are core to implementing the mission of raising and making disciples at Kingsview.

A Connect group is a group of up to 10 - 12 people that are committed to caring for each other, walking through life together, growing together and having fun together.

God wants us to be in relationship with each other that goes deeper than saying “Hi!” on a Sunday morning. Being united in Christ’s love, we have a place to ask tough questions, share struggles, receive encouragement but also challenge us to step in to fulfill our part in the great commission. It’s a safe environment where we can be real and vulnerable with each other.
Our discussions focus on how the sermon from Sunday touches your Head (what did you think?), Heart (how did it impact you?), and your Hands (how do we apply it in our lives and how can we impact the people in our life for the Kingdom?).

Facilitated by: Elliott and Carolyn Jeyaseelan at