We lean heavily on positive reinforcement when working in our children’s ministries and believe that through adapted teaching styles, one-to-one buddies, token boards and lots of praise - your child can have a great time visiting our church. Our team realizes that we need to learn some skills from you, as parents, to learn what works best for your child. We are willing and eager to do so! On Sundays, you’ll find our experienced team helping children engage, learn and develop social skills in each of our classes. If you plan on attending one of our services and you have a special needs child, we would appreciate if you could fill out this online form prior to attending, so we can be ready to meet and greet you.

(Time - 9:30am or 11:15am Service)
A buddy is a volunteer who will be trained to help, engage and love your child who may need some special TLC or extra help in the classroom.