Can We Sit With You?

David and Krysten Burke are pretty darn amazing. David is one of Kingsview’s Mission Canada Workers that we support – he runs a campus ministry at Ryerson University. His Instagram @david.burke1 is full of honest, insightful short essays that speak to the condition of human life using his own life as a springboard.  Krysten is a director at Global 180, an organization that works with local schools and community agencies to inform and engage youth to take action on the peer, family, and community issues they care most about. They have two fantastic kids and they call Kingsview their home church. Some of you may recognize them as part of our online engagement team on Sunday mornings at  Together, David and Krysten also have a YouTube channel. It’s funny, real, raw, and covers topics from mental health to how to start running to planning a trip to Disneyworld. Each video start with the question: Can we sit with you? And each video feels like you are in their home, sitting in their living room, and having a conversation.  Here’s what they have to say in their own words:

“We launched our YouTube Channel in July 2020 with a desire to create an online community where all would be welcomed, loved, and heard. In each video we ask if we can sit with you, because we want to join you where you’re at. Whether you’re on the mountain or in the valley, we want to join you and sit with you. Our videos are for the ones who have been made to feel like they don’t belong, who have been hurt, or ignored. May this community be a place of connection; connection to God, to yourself, and to others. Our hope is that you would find encouragement or inspiration through our stories. We want to share the good and the bad with you so that you can see that you are not alone. We all need to know that we belong right here.”

To check out David and Krysten’s YouTube page, click on the link below. Recommended for: Tweens+


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