2024 Annual Business Meeting

Tuesday, April 9th, 2024 | check-in 6:30-6:45pm
Start 7:00pm

Please be at the church no later than 6:30 pm to give us time to check-in each person. Refreshments will be served at 6:30 pm.

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Section 1: Agenda, Minutes, Constitution, Financials, Voting Information
Section 2: Board Members & Election Candidates
Section 3: Ministry Reports.
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2024 Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome
  • Ballot 1: Establish the Voting Bar
  • Prayer & Worship
  • Housekeeping Items
  • Presentation of Ballot 2: Business Items
  • Business Items Q&A
  • Ballot 2: Business Items
  • Lead Pastor’s Report
  • Lead Pastor’s Report Q&A
  • Results of Ballot 2 & Ballot 3 Presentation: Board Ratification
  • Ballot 4: Board Ratification
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report Q&A
  • Results of Ballot 3 
  • Missions Report
  • Missions Report Q&A
  • Ballot 4: Receive the Reports
  • Visioning Forward & Closing Comments
  • Results of Ballot 4
  • Adjournment

2023 ABM Meeting Minutes

Ballot 2: Business Items will include a motion to receive the 2024 ABM Meeting Agenda and the 2023 ABM Meeting Minutes.

Kingsview Constitution

Ballot 3: Adopt Constitution is a motion to adopt the 2022 Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) Local Church Constitution and By-Laws. It is important that each member reviews the constitution so they are informed for the vote. 

2023 Financials

Ballot 5: Receive the Reports will include a motion to receive the 2023 Financial Report and the 2023 Ministry Reports (shown in Section 3 of this website). 2023 Financials will be posted to the website AND sent via email to each member once the audit is final and approved.

Our Annual Business Meeting is a wonderful time to reflect on God’s faithfulness over the past year and to look forward to the future He is leading and guiding us toward.

Our Annual Business Meeting is in person-only as we recognize the importance of gathering together and fellowship. Please read below to ensure you are prepared to participate:

Voting Information

We are using software called Simply Voting for electronic / online voting. Ballots will be sent to the email address attached to your registration. Please be sure to have your email account ready during the ABM. For those who do not have devices to vote electronically, paper ballots will be made available when you check-in prior to the meeting.

  • Only members in good standing as of April 5, 2024 are eligible to register for the ABM. 
  • You can pre-register through Planning Center by clicking the button below. Please ensure you receive the confirmation email for your registration (you may need to check your junk mail).
  • Only members who have registered by Sunday, April 7th, AND who attend in person and check-in by 6:45 pm on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, are eligible to vote during the meeting. 
  • A test ballot will be sent on Monday, April 8th to ensure each registered member receives the voting ballots. If you did not receive a test ballot, please check your junk mail. If you still have not received a test ballot, please contact Olivia at admin@kingsviewchurch.com.

We look forward to celebrating the past year with you on April 9th.

2024 Board Elections

The following positions will be voted on at our ABM: Three (3) two-year positions

Board Members Continuing Their 2-year Terms

David Graham

Dave will continue to serve 2024-2025 to complete his 2-year term. David and his wife, Patricia, and their two girls, Emma and Maya, have been members of Kingsview Community for the past seven years. He is a site supervisor at a large electrical company and finds a lot of fulfillment leading jobs and making a difference in the lives of the people who he works with. Being a part of the music department at Kingsview is a great passion of his.  “Music isn't something that I just "do" it is a part of who I am and it allows me to pour out my love to God in a tangible and heartfelt way.” David has been on the board since 2019.

Michele D'Costa

Michele will continue to serve 2024-2025 to complete her 2-year term. Michele and her husband, Derek, have been attending Kingsview since 2012. They have four grown children (Kyle, Erica, Tyler, & Kaitlyn). Both Michele and Derek excel in hospitality and believe that building relationships with people is the cornerstone to leading others to the Lord. Michele has served as our Women’s Ministries Director since 2018; Michele and Derek have been small group leaders and are currently facilitating an Alpha group.

Stephanie Isaak

Stephanie will continue to serve 2024-2025 to complete her 2-year term. Stephanie and her husband, Dave, have been regularly attending Kingsview for 9 years. Stephanie has lived on the Stoney Creek mountain for her entire life, and actually attended Kingsview as a child, when it was named Mt. Albion Church. She and Dave have 3 young children - Juliet (age 8) and Miles (age 5), and Renee (almost 1). Stephanie works as a Registered Dietitian and whether it is at work or church, she loves to connect with people, share stories, and foster community.

Board Members Not Up for Re-Election

Elliott Jeyaseelan*

We thank Elliott for his six-year term serving on our board. We are incredibly grateful for his commitment and faithfulness to Kingsview and the Kingdom of God. Elliott and his wife, Carolyn, have been attending Kingsview for many years. They serve Kingsview as the Life Group Coordinators. They are passionate about discipleship, community, and seeing lives focused on Jesus and His Kingdom. During the week, Elliott works at McMaster University in IT. He served six years on the board from 2018-2024.

Mario Visca*

Mario has served faithfully as our Secretary for six-years and served an additional non-voting position at the request of the board and as per our constitution. He will need to sit for one-year before becoming eligible for nomination again.

*According to our constitution, each board member is allowed to serve a total of three (3), two-year terms (a total of six (6) consecutive years). After such time they are required to take a one (1) year break before they are eligible to sit on the board again.

Ratification to Re-Elect

These members are currently serving on the board and are eligible to be elected for another 2-year term. This will be a ratification to re-elect since members up for election and re-election do not exceed spaces available on the board. 

Glenn Miller

Glenn and his wife, Sandi, have 2 amazing daughters, 2 wonderful son-in-laws, and 7 incredible grandkids. Glenn is retired after 36 years as a financial analyst at the HWDSB. He and his family were one of the founding families of Southmount Gospel Temple which eventually became Kingsview Community Church. Glenn has served on the board since 2022.

Laura Redman

Laura has been attending Kingsview for 13 years with her husband, Rich, and daughters, Manessa and Hannah. Their hearts are for the lost and hurting in our community and it continues to be a strong daily motivation as they serve God’s kingdom. Having 20+ years employment within The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, at the International Office and, currently, the Western Ontario District, Laura offers input with extensive experience in administration, policies / procedures, constitutions, annual business meetings and event planning. Her life’s mission is to fulfill God's call (wherever He leads) through faith with passion and efficiency. Laura has served on the board since 2021.

Ratification to Elect

The top six members who received the most nominations on our nomination ballot were contacted and asked if they would let their name stand for election to the board. Out of the six, Paul Sertic has prayerfully agreed to let his name stand. Since he was the only one, we will have a ratification vote to elect him onto the board. 

Paul Sertic

Paul and his wife Anna Maria, have been faithful members of Kingsview for many years. They have 2 wonderful son’s, Joshua and Joey. Paul, is a retired Municipal law enforcement officer, who served 30 years, with the City of Hamilton and is a current apiarist (fancy word for beekeeper). Paul is dedicated to personal evangelism and outreach in our community. He and his wife have a heart for seeing the lost and hurting, find their way home to Jesus. Paul is deeply committed to the mission and vision of our church and is dedicated to fostering a spirit of unity and growth within our community. Fun fact: Paul use to be the youth pastor way back in the day, when Kingsview was Mount Albion Pentecostal Church!

2023 Ministry Reports

Message from Pastor Josh

2023 was a year where our church community experienced continued growth and transformation. I am deeply encouraged by how each member of our team has embraced the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we have had to navigate through various seasons of change.
From our Sunday Services, mid-week programs, and community events like summer camp and fireworks, I feel that 2023 was marked by a renewed sense of strength and purpose, thanks in no small part to the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff and volunteers. Their (your) commitment to serving our congregation and community at large has been instrumental in fostering an environment where the love and truth of Jesus Christ are paramount.
This resurgence has translated into significant growth across all aspects of our church life, from increased attendance to a notable rise in baptisms and a deepening commitment to discipleship. The ministries within our church have thrived under the guidance of our passionate volunteers, who pour their hearts into serving others and spreading the love of Christ.
A standout moment from the past year was our first-ever Labour Day Fireworks event.  Historically we have been running our community fireworks event on Canada Day, but this year got shut down by the city 2 weeks before the event as they deemed our site no longer suitable for the thousands of people coming out. We chose to embrace the city’s decision which opened up a door of opportunity for them and us to work together to secure Paramount Park for Labour Day. This was an incredible event and a reminder of the faithfulness of God – serving as a reminder that there may be seasons where doors are shut, but the Lord always opens another. 
Additionally, we delved into the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ with fervor, and as we continue to walk through this deeply challenging book, we are seeing the Lord bring a clearer understanding of the crucial role of discipleship in the church. We are all called to believe in Jesus Christ, but that is only the beginning. He wants to move every one of us from believers to followers and that is the heart of discipleship. 
Looking ahead, I am filled with anticipation as I witness the seeds of discipleship taking root and flourishing within our growing church community. And as the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) continues to experience growth, our mission remains clear: to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ with those around us.
It is evident that God, in His grace and mercy, is drawing individuals to Kingsview, underscoring the urgency of our discipleship mandate. Reflecting on the words of the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians, I am reminded of our role as co-labourers with God in His work of redemption.
I said this last year and it is equally as true for this year – that while we sow and water seeds of faith, it is ultimately God who brings about growth. This understanding reaffirms our commitment to be a community dedicated to making disciples, supported by the continued strength of our staff, volunteers, and ministries.
As we continue through 2024, I am filled with excitement for the continued work of the Holy Spirit within our midst. Let us remain steadfast in our submission to His will, eagerly anticipating the fruits of discipleship that await us in the days ahead.

Worship Report (Pastor Stephen Mohan)

Another amazing year at Kingsview, we continue to see growth on our Sunday mornings with increased engagement in our weekly worship services. Our team continues to grow with currently 30 members serving consistently at least once a month.   We have also seen an increase of youth and young adults who are now involved in the team at some capacity. The commitment level for the worship team continues to be one of great sacrifice, with weekly rehearsals and two Sunday morning services, but we continue to believe, as a team, in what God is doing and will continue to do through praise and worship at Kingsview.

Thank you to the team that commits to this department week after week. I am amazed at the dedication and passion that I see from those who are involved. Many volunteering much more hours than are requested of them and it is a joy for me to serve along side all of you!

We pray that there will be an increase in freedom experienced at Kingsview more than ever before.  We want the church to know that Kingsview is a safe place to express yourself in worship in any way. God has been so faithful in showing His presence to us through our praise and worship and we pray that His presence will continue to increase in this new season.  As we understand and recognize the power and importance in bringing a sacrifice of praise to God, He will continue to draw us closer to Him, so that we can be used by Him, and walk in who is has made each one of us to be.  

As always, we will continue to lead people through praise and worship songs, that are cultural and multi-generational, from hymns to modern choruses.  We strive to choose music that has a strong Biblical message, that encourages us to focus on God and not our current circumstances while drawing us into God’s Presence. We will encourage the body to be free in their expression of worship with the focus on Him daily. 

Discipleship Report (Pastor Jordan Hageman)

2023 continued to be a foundation building year of discipleship at Kingsview. Through Life Groups and key courses such as Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Emotionally Healthy Relationship, The Bible Course, and continuing to run Alpha we laid groundwork for followers of Jesus to walk in freedom and find joy in his easy yoke and light burden. We also slowly started support and healing groups such as GriefShare and Sanctuary Mental Health. New group facilitators continue to be released and we pray for more to step forward as the church continues to grow. 

Our corporate discipleship continues to embrace the rhythms of the global church and 2023 included: a week of Prayer and Fasting at the beginning of the year, Lent with our series “Come to Me,” and Advent. Advent is always a favourite time. Our series: The Light Has Come was a beautiful reminder that even though we are surrounded by darkness, the darkness can not overcome the LIGHT that is Jesus. We again had beautiful congregational readings to start off each advent service and seeing people from the congregation lead these readings is so special. 

2023 also saw 16 baptisms, many salvations, and testimonies of people growing in their walk with Jesus and surrendering to Him! 2024 is already shaping up to be an exciting year as we build upon the foundation laid, and I am full of anticipation of where the Holy Spirit is leading us!  

Community Engagement & Legacy Report (Pastor Christina D’Angelo)

As I reflect back on this year, I am overwhelmed once again at God’s goodness and faithfulness.  While he doesn’t need us, in His kindness He allows us to partner with Him in the work of the kingdom.

I am deeply grateful for our Guest Services team who play such an integral role in helping visitors and regular attenders experience the love of God by welcoming them into His house, offering them hospitality and gracious service.  

We are seeing an increasing number of visitors come to Kingsview (our last Newcomer Lunch had 50 attendees!!!), many of them from the local community and many unchurched.  What an honour it is to see these individuals come to faith and what a great opportunity for all of us to live out our God given mandate to be disciples who make disciples.


This past year we had the privilege of hosting two major events for our local community.  We were in a unique situation due to the popularity of our Kingsview Canada Day Celebration.  Our attendance at that event had grown so much that it became unsafe to host the fireworks portion on our church property – something that we didn’t find out until a few weeks before the celebration itself!  With a lot of prayer, organization and help from the City of Hamilton and the City of Hamilton Fire Department, we decided to host our fireworks portion offsite and on the Labour Day week-end!  What an event that was!!! We had double the chance to connect with our neighbours and deep connections were certainly made.  Perhaps one of the most beautiful moments was when Pastor Josh had the opportunity to pray for all of the kids that were present as they went back to school.  So meaningful and impactful was the Labour Day Fireworks event that we will be relocating our Canada Day event resources and hosting our Fireworks again this coming September 1, 2024 (mark your calendars!). 

These events don’t happen on their own, so a massive thank-you once again for all of you who gave up of your time and talents and helped out in any way to make them happen!


Our 55+ ministry is going strong with monthly events and get togethers such as our Hymn Sing, Games Night, Devotions and Dessert and our Christmas Breakfast.  The highlight of our Christmas Breakfast was when some of our Kidsview kids joined us for Christmas carols!  We also hosted a couple of Legacy Serves events where we packed homeless kits that were made available to the rest of the Kingsview family to distribute as they saw need. 

Psalms 92:12-15 New Living Translation (NLT)But the godly will flourish like palm trees and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon. For they are transplanted to the LORD’s own house. They flourish in the courts of our God. Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green.


There has been a somewhat quiet launch of a new ministry here at Kingsview this past year.   The Love Your Neighbour ministry exists to be the practical hands and feet of Jesus to our community and those that we encounter on a day-to-day basis.  Encompassed in this ministry is our Love Your Neighbour Food Pantry which continues to serve those in our city who are facing food insecurities.  With the cost of living only increasing (and let’s not talk about grocery prices!) we are seeing more and more families apply to access assistance on a monthly basis.  A huge shout-out to the amazing team that oversees the food pantry and serves so faithfully.  Thank-you to those of you who donate items regularly, the Kingsview youth who went around the neighbourhoods and collected non-perishables in the fall, as well as New Life Chiropractic who ran a food drive at Christmas that blessed the food pantry beyond our expectations.  Our Christmas toy drive was also a huge success, with your generous donations benefiting both the families that we serve through the food pantry as well as Crossfire Church in downtown Hamilton.

As we continue to grow, my prayer is that the Lord continues to prompt us to live with open hands and open hearts.


Children’s Report (Pastor Joyce Sertic)

This past year the words “connect” & “support” seem to be our theme in Kidsview. Connect with God through stories, His word, prayer, learning Bible verses together and doing worship. I also have a huge desire to see our kids connect with each another. And I am happy to say, they have! We are seeing friendships blossom, new families come and feel connected from the first time showing up, and seeing our kids step up and connect with new friends each week has been so awesome.

Wednesday evenings are still loud & crowded, but so fun. Kids are bringing their un-churched friends, they are learning verses, and connecting with others. My teen volunteers are teaching, and stepping in and discipleship is happening!

We took a team to Braeside Family Camp last year and set a huge precedence for future ministry!  They were more than impressed, and not only are we going back this summer, but I will also be there helping disciple staff, train, and be available to other Children’s pastors to support.  Go Team!

We had a great year joining Tweens for a few events, were able to perform a Christmas Drama where we went on a  “Journey to the Manger” and got to experience Bethlehem in our very own building!  We even had live animals!

We are still offering a Parent Connect Group Thursday morning and that is starting to blossom.  Thank you to Trish Gibson for being so faithful in showing up and leading these mornings.

We are continuing to grow. We are continuing to foster our relationship and engage our special needs children.  And we now have a “special support” team in place, ready to serve, support, step in, buddy up, and love on all our kids.

As always, I am continuing to teach, train and raise new leaders in each area of ministry.  God is moving and working in Kidsview and I am so incredibly thankful to be able to journey with every one of you.

Thank you for all the continued support, to our staff who are like family, my amazing volunteers who serve so faithfully each week,  my new incredible family whom I love, my fiance (soon to be husband) Bart who supports me so unconditionally, and to you, for entrusting your children into my care as we continue to disciple them, love them, and journey with them as they connect with Jesus in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Youth & Young Adults Report (Pastor Bryan Hempstead)


Here, at Kingsview Youth, 2023 continued to prove to be an incredible year as we continue to see students coming out regularly week after week to our youth ministry and building relationships with one another but more importantly drawing closer to God. Our youth continue to grow through regular times of worship on Friday nights (led by leaders and youth), group discussions following video studies and sermons. All of this culminates in seeing our youth participating in the happening of our Sunday mornings through regular attendance and serving in various capacities (kids/tweens/camps/media/sound/etc).

We have seen a great growth in new individuals joining  our Kingsview Youth Leadership team and this has been incredible to see because it has allowed for every student to come in and have at least a handful of meaningful interactions during their evenings with us. Our leaders are growing with God as well as excited to see Kingsview Youth grow.

As always, some of our biggest highlights of the year were events such as Overflow and Activate where we were able to get away, as a group, and away from our normal routine and spend time with God and doing that together. A big thank you goes out to our leaders for serving, our many sponsors for this event as well as those who chipped in to make these events so meaningful for Kingsview Youth.

In closing (famous words from every pastor), I look forward to seeing this ministry continue to be discipled towards Jesus and maturing in their faith with many around them.

Isaiah 43:1

But now, this is what the Lord says—
he who created you, Jacob,
he who formed you, Israel:
“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have summoned you by name; you are mine.


Kingsview Young Adults continues to be a place where we enjoy being able to spend meaningful time with one another, worshipping together, hearing from the Word of God and especially being able to have conversations with one another about real and important things.

We have journeyed through a couple of important video studies: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and The Sanctuary Course. These two studies have allowed Kingsview Young Adults to go deep into understanding how God has designed us and continues to care for our emotionally and mental well-being. These study evenings prove to be a group favourite where we can study and discuss with one another.

All the while, we continue to have moments where worship together and hear from the Word of God. We do this at the church and sometimes we gather together with other Young Adult ministries and rally together for incredible worship evenings.

Let us not forget about our priority to have fun together as well by participating in various fun activities such as Activate, Escape Rooms and even Axe Throwing.

Kingsview Young Adults continues to be a place where we see individuals coming, finding belonging and becoming connected here as we navigate faith and our young adult lives.

Hebrews 6:17-18

Because God wanted to make the unchanging nature of his purpose very clear to the heirs of what was promised, he confirmed it with an oath. God did this so that, by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to take hold of the hope set before us may be greatly encouraged.


Tweens Report (Pastor Miranda Pavlik)

It has been such a privilege to be a part of what God is doing within our Tweens Ministry here at Kingsview Community Church. What a year 2023 has been, full of growth and excitement! When I think about 2023, there’s a few highlights that come to mind:

Kingsview Tweens & Kidsview Laser Tag Event:

This was an exciting event for our tweens. We had laser tag to go come in and take over our sanctuary for the night with inflatable bunkers, colored lights, fog machines and music. So many of our tweens wanted to invite their friends to this event, and we encouraged that! What a great opportunity for us as a leadership team to meet their friends and build relationships with them. 

Momentum Jr. High Conference:

It was a weekend full of candy, bouncy castles, face painting, etc. But most importantly it was a weekend where our tweens got to encounter God with hundreds of other students. As a leadership team we were so encouraged watching our tweens engage in the services through worship, prayer, alter calls, etc. God moved in their lives that weekend, and it was so evident.

Kingsview Tweens & Kidsview Family Christmas Party:

We hosted a Family Christmas Party for our tweens & kidsview families with crafts, games, photobooth, karaoke, tuck shop, snacks, etc. The church was full of our tweens and kidsview families! It was a great opportunity for the families to build relationships with one another.  

Water Baptism: 

A lot of our tweens get water baptized. It was so good to witnesses them make that public declaration of faith.  

BIG highlight:

Our tweens attendance continued to grow in 2023, so we needed our tweens leadership team to grow to, and it did significantly. This was an answer to prayer! We are so thankful for the leaders who serve in the tweens ministry. They have a heart for the next generation and that is so evident in their leadership.

Our prayer for this new year is that our tweens would continue to grow in their relationship with God. And that we as a leadership team would help continue to nurture that relationship. 

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.

2 Peter 3:18

This year has already been such an exciting year and it’s just getting started.


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