2022 Annual Business Meeting

2022 Annual Business Meeting

POSTPONED TO April 26, 2022 at 7:00 pm

Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome and Opening Prayer
  • Housekeeping Items
  • Ballot 1: Establish the Voting Bar
  • Ballot 2: Business Items
  • Lead Pastor’s Report
  • Lead Pastor’s Report Q&A
  • Results of Ballot 2 & Ballot 3: Board Elections
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report Q&A
  • Results of Ballot 3 (Additional Ballot if required)
  • Missions Report
  • Missions Report Q&A
  • Ballot 4: Receive the Reports
  • Closing Comments
  • Results of Ballot 4
  • Adjournment

2021 ABM Meeting Minutes

2021 Financials

Message from Pastor Josh

Our Annual Business Meeting is a wonderful time to reflect on God’s faithfulness over the past year. 2021 was not without its challenges. but we give joyful thanks that Jesus is the head of the church, and Kingsview is no exception. 

The Board has decided to hold an online-only Annual Business Meeting this year after last year’s successful meeting. Please read below to ensure you are prepared to participate:

Only members at the time of Board nominations who registered for this meeting by 7:00 pm on Sunday, April 24, 2022, are eligible to vote during the meeting. Only registrations received through Planning Center will receive the email ballots to cast a vote. If you are a member of Kingsview and have yet to register, please do so by clicking the button below:

VOTING INFORMATION: We are using software called Simply Voting for electronic / online voting. Ballots will be sent to your email address. Please be sure to have your email account ready during the ABM. 

Q&A PERIODS: Questions will be moderated through the chat on live.kingsviewchurch.com by Eric Ames. Questions may be answered directly in the chat by Eric, or brought to the floor at the appropriate time. Only questions submitted by registered members will be considered. 

We look forward to celebrating the past year with you on April 19th.

2022 Board Elections

RATIFICATION VOTE: This year's Board Elections will be presented as a ratification vote. A ratification vote is a vote that approves or denies the candidates for election or re-election as they are presented. Pastor Josh will address the reasons for this at the meeting before the ballot is cast.

Board Members Continuing Their Term

Eric Ames

Eric has lived in the Hamilton area all his life and has attended Kingsview Church, with his wife Lauren and two boys, Ethan & Morgan, for the past six years.  He is a former adult educator, political communications director, and currently the co-owner of a communications consulting firm based in Stoney Creek.  Eric is a lifelong Christian with a passion for teaching and inspiring others, have served at Kingsview in a variety of ways, including: Sunday greeting, online engagement, event outreach, and as one of the teachers of our adult discipleship series. Eric has served on the board since 2021 and will be taking on the role of Treasurer for 2022.

David Graham

David and his wife, Patricia, and their two girls, Emma and Maya, have been members of Kingsview Community for the past seven years. He is the foreman of a small electrical company and finds a lot of fulfillment leading jobs and making a difference in the lives of the people who he works with. Being a part of the music department at Kingsview is a great passion of his.  “Music isn't something that I just "do" it is a part of who I am and it allows me to pour out my love to God in a tangible and heartfelt way.” David has been on the board since 2019.

Elliott Jeyaseelan

Elliott and his wife, Carolyn, have been attending Kingsview for over five years. They serve Kingsview as the Connect Group Facilitators and help lead many of our newcomer and discipleship classes. They are passionate about discipleship, community, and seeing lives focused on Jesus and His Kingdom. During the week, Elliott works at McMaster University in IT. He have served on the board since 2018.

Board Members Not Up for Re-Election

Al Wolin

Al has served faithfully as our Treasurer and will be taking a year to sit in order to have a much deserved break. As per our constitution, Board Members are required to take a one-year break after six consecutive years. Due to COVID, Al continued to serve to see the church through the unprecedented times and he will be taking his break now. We thank Al for his integrity and faithful service! The Treasurer role will be assumed by Eric Ames.

Ratification to Re-Elect

Laura Redman (2-year term)

Laura has been attending Kingsview for 12 years with her husband, Rich, and daughters, Manessa and Hannah. Their hearts are for the lost and hurting in our community and it continues to be a strong daily motivation as they serve God’s kingdom. Having 20 years employment within The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, at the International Office and, currently, the Western Ontario District, Laura offers input with extensive experience in administration, policies / procedures, constitutions, annual business meetings and event planning.  Her life’s mission is to fulfill God's call (wherever He leads) through faith with passion and efficiency. Laura has served on the board since 2021 and is eligible for re-election for up to a 2-year term.

Mario Visca (1-year Term)

Mario started attending Kingsview in September 1989. He is married to Janice and they have 4 children: Katrina (and Bryan…yes, our Youth Pastor!), Sabrina, Jonathan (and Emilia), and Michael. Mario owns Big Al’s Pet Supercentres in Hamilton. During his time at Kingsview he has been involved in any capacity that has needed help and is currently on our Welcome Team as an usher. Mario has been on the board since 2017 and is eligible to be re-elected for a 1-year term*.

*According to our constitution, each board member is allowed to serve a total of three (3), two-year terms (a total of six (6) consecutive years). After such time they are required to take a one (1) year break before they are eligible to sit on the board again.

Ratification to Elect

Glenn Miller (2-year Term)

Glenn and his wife, Sandi, have 2 amazing daughters, 2 wonderful son-in-laws, and 7 incredible grandkids. Glenn is retired after 36 years as a financial analyst at the HWDSB. He and his family were one of the founding families of Southmount Gospel Temple which eventually became Kingsview Community Church.

Ministry Reports

Worship Report (Pastor Stephen Mohan)

This past year we continued to navigate the pandemic by having to switch back and forth from online services to in-person/online services. During this time, we have continued to strive to provide excellence in our online platform as we slowly transitioned back to in-person gatherings.

We saw our team jump at the chance to worship together again and we saw the tech team grow, as we continue to offer both in-person and online services.

I would like to give special thanks to the tech team, who have sacrificed countless hours during the pandemic to serve Kingsview.

The commitment level for the worship team continues to be one of great sacrifice, with weekly rehearsals and two Sunday morning services, but we continue to believe, as a team, in what God is doing and will continue to do through praise and worship at Kingsview.

There was and is an anticipation of meeting together and worshipping together. We realize the incredible blessing we had in prior years to worship together in freedom and what it was like to lose being able to worship together.

We pray that there will be an increase in freedom experienced at Kingsview more than ever before.  God has been so faithful in showing His presence to us through our praise and worship and we pray that His presence will continue to increase in this new season.  As we understand and recognize the power and importance of bringing a sacrifice of praise to God, He will continue to draw us closer to Him, so that we can be used by Him, and walk in who is has made each one of us to be.

As always, we will continue to lead people through praise and worship songs that are cultural and multi-generational, from hymns to modern choruses.  We strive to choose music that has a strong Biblical message, that encourages us to focus on God and not our current circumstances while drawing us into God’s Presence. We will encourage the body to be free in their expression of worship with the focus on Him.

Discipleship Report (Pastor Jordan Hageman)

A big part of our discipleship journey over the last year has been looking back in order to see our way forward. Gleaning from the wisdom of those that have gone before has helped us navigate through a challenging season—whether it is participating in Lent and Advent as a church family, or taking another look at age-old practices as we did in our Spiritual Disciplines course. 

My heart is to continue to encourage people in their gifts, and find avenues for the church body to fully participate in ministry to one another as they have been equipped and anointed by the Spirit to do. Our Spiritual Gifts course we released during COVID provided foundational teaching for this . 

This past year has birthed an increased call to corporate prayer, and Monday Morning Prayer was started to allow regular and intentional prayer over the needs of the church body, as well as different prayer focuses each week. 

We believe that God is calling us to deeper waters and greater maturity as we learn how to be with Jesus, and be transformed by the Holy Spirit to become like Jesus. 

Community Engagement Report (Pastor Christina D’Angelo)

In many respects, the church we find ourselves in today is quite different from the church of a year or two ago.  We have had the honour of welcoming new people into our church family and each week sees new visitors so there are many new faces.   Over the last year, the Helping Hands food pantry ministry was started and is meeting the needs within the surrounding neighbourhoods, thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers.  We continue to be thankful for the number of people who volunteer their time and talents on a weekly basis and have remained flexible to the continued changes over the last little bit.

With the relaxing of the restrictions, we are excited to plan for larger community events once again.   Kingsview has long had a reputation for hosting incredible events that draw the broader community in.  As we begin to host these again, we pray that impactful connections will be formed, and God’s kingdom built and strengthened. 

It is an honour to serve during this season of rebuilding!

 Young Adults Report (Pastor Bryan Hempstead)

God has been faithful to Kingsview Young Adults! As we entered the 2021 year, we went right into an online-only ministry and from there we held incredible times of study, discussions, and prayer with one another. God certainly ministered to us during this time through one another and through some of the incredible content available through Kingsview.

In July 2021 we began to resume our in-person gatherings and in September we moved to meet weekly on Sunday evenings! These gatherings have become very meaningful gatherings as we have taken time to worship God, hear the Word of God, and study together. Our favourite time together must be when we get to share food and laughs together at the end of our Young Adult evenings.

Our group values meaningful conversations with one another and looks forward to meeting together in creative manners and having some fun outings together.

Hebrews 3:1 – “Therefore, holy brothers and sisters, who share in the heavenly calling, fix your thoughts on Jesus, whom we acknowledge as our apostle and high priest.”

Youth Report (Pastor Bryan Hempstead)

Praise God for an incredible 2021 year for Kingsview Youth! During this past year, we saw our ministries go through various methods of ministry such as online-only, and leaders only at the church but since July 2021 our ministries have been able to operate fully in-person in a safe and meaningful manner. Our leadership team has served with excellence and passion throughout this year despite the changes and because of this, we have seen students mature greatly in their relationship with Jesus.

When you see the students at Kingsview Youth, you can see some of the weight that the world’s trials have had on them. However, you can also see a deep hunger for God and a passion to connect with one another in a real and meaningful manner. The youth of Kingsview Youth have been stepping up and serving in various capacities of Kingsview.

John 16:33 – “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Tweens Report (Pastor Miranda Pavlik)

This past year our tweens ministry thrived! 

First off, this ministry, the tweens, and my team have been one of the biggest blessings to me personally, and I am honored to serve them in this capacity. 

I would love to share with you some of the amazing highlights that happened in the tweens ministry this past year: 

Growth! Our ministry has grown so much and continues to grow every month. Both in our mid-week Wednesday evening and our Sunday morning services. Maxing out capacity in the portable on Sunday mornings entailed having to knock a wall down just to create more space. In addition to creating space, our mid-week Wednesday service also got an upgrade by moving into the sanctuary. 

Discipleship! Another great addition was the involvement of our youth on Wednesday nights. A bunch of our youth students have taken on the role of volunteering for our tweens program, and it has been great to come alongside them, grow their leadership skills and watch them take on great responsibility in our tweens program. Every Wednesday we have youth lead our tweens in worship, which is honestly one of my favorite parts of the night. On Wednesday evenings we have intentionally created discipleship in multiple ways. By joining with Pastor Joyce and her ministry, our tweens also have the opportunity to serve the kids, making the night full of mentorship and learning in multiple age groups. 

Family! A big thing we wanted to include in our ministry was their family. We know that connecting with our tween’s family was really important for growing community and connection in this ministry. On our first family night we did a gingerbread-making competition. The night was full of fun, food, prizes, and most of all community. Building connection with the families of our tweens is a vital part of their growth here at Kingsview. It gives the parents/caregivers the chance to see what the tweens are a part of and builds relationships with our team. 

Ultimate Growth! We can talk about all the fun and exciting things that make up our tweens ministry. All important things, but ultimately the growth of our tweens’ relationship with God, is by far the most exciting. In the first portion of last year, we really focused on prayer, and how powerful prayer is. All our tweens have had to navigate challenging seasons, and bringing them a foundation of prayer and communication with God, really set the tone for the rest of the year. Having multiple tweens volunteer to pray over their friends and the situations they were going through, created an atmosphere for faith to grow.  

2022 Vision! This coming year we are praying to have even more growth in all the areas above. We know that it can be hard to have a vision in challenging times, but we were created to thrive in Christ. God’s work still must be done, maybe now more than ever.  

Job 8:7 – “Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” 

Children’s Report (Pastor Joyce Sertic)

What a fantastic year we have had in Kidsview! Here’s a quick recap of our last year together;

Sunday Mornings have been growing. Our goal was to keep our kids safe, follow all protocols that were ever-changing, and ensure our kids were able to still connect with each other and of course, connect with God.  After being online for so long, we opened back up, built busy bins, assigned “dots & spots” and were able to embrace being together in the midst of the pandemic.  I’d say that’s a win!

Summer Camp last year was one that we had never experienced.  Running a camp safely and effectively, and hitting our goal with attendance was a huge win.  Not only did our kids have a great experience, they learned about Jesus in a deeper and new way and we were able to build a new trust with our community that we could do it, against all the odds. It wasn’t easy, but we did it.  And did it well.  Another huge win!  And summer camp this year is already almost full!

Kids & Tweens Wednesdays.  This by far is the biggest win.  My vision was to have our kids transition up to tweens easily, and comfortably and have our kids discipled by our tweens. They need to get to know their leaders, and what better way to do that than have us go and experience tweens together. And what better way to do and teach discipleship.  Our tweens, they are doing it. Leading small groups, helping with games, leading discussions, and just being a friend to our kids have been so vital this past year, so needed, and such a win. They are all together this year learning to worship, learning about God’s word, and discipleship together.  We love our Wednesday nights and they are continuing to grow.  We hosted a friendship night over March Break and had almost 100 kids!  Amazing!

The only challenge we are having…space and of course volunteers. You can never have too many!  And with our families growing, we are growing too! 

My hope for the future of Kidsview is to continue to grow.  Continue to disciple.  Continue to pull families together for teaching and fun.  Continue to seek God and His vision for our kids, and have our kids grow deeper in their relationship with God and with others here at Kingsview.  A huge shout out to our amazing volunteers, who show up, do, be, love, and teach our amazing kids! To Miranda my sidekick for partnering together on Wednesday and doing camp.  And to the rest of our staff who continue to support, encourage and journey with me. 

God is so good.  And I cannot wait to see what he has in store this coming year in Kidsview…so stay tuned!

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